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Architecture services in Cape Town

As architects and interior designers, we exist to define spaces specific to the needs of a particular purpose, such as a home, office, hotel, school, supermarket, etc. We provide an intimate design service which considers the context of the area and the nature of the purpose for the space.

In South Africa, Property owners and architects are taking a focus on several aspects when it comes to design. The leading aspect being sustainability. Whether it is to resist load shedding or making sure that a water crisis has less of an effect on your property, designing a sustainable building has become increasingly important. We at Settle have made sustainability a priority in our designs since we began our design adventure.

Interior design in Cape Town

Interior design relates to architecture and industrial design, lending design skills and knowledge of the performance of materials to creatively apply solutions to internal spaces.

As interior designers, we keep our finger on the pulse of trend, constantly evolving our designs. Being of Scandinavian heritage our design philosophies are aligned with modern interior design, however we are always flexible to your needs and enjoy creative challenges.

Often is the case that your building might be restricted by Cape Town’s Heritage regulations which means that there might be little you can do to the exterior of your buildings, but the interior is not subjected to the same regulations. We can modify the internals of your building to be completely new, incorporating all the latest interior decoration trends and technologies, significantly improving the comfortability and sustainability.

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Office interior design in Cape Town

Cape Town is full of inspiration and your office space should be as well. At Settle we believe that creative and dynamic office spaces produce an evolved and energetic atmosphere which helps your business get ahead.

It doesn’t matter if your office space is new or old, our interior design team can provide you with a bespoke design unique to your space and taste.

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Home interior design

Turning a house into a home takes a considerable amount of thought and research. The thought is to define your style and establish a direction for a design that can define a space suited to you. Research is required for making sure that the design you want is achievable with the materials and techniques available to complete the design. Since we started design, our focus has been to provide a fertile ground for you to realise your thought into a bespoke design. Our design process guides you through trends to cherry pick the ideas that you like the most and combine it into a world class design. Once we have established a design with you, we make sure that every facet of the design is achievable and can be executed without any problems.

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Why Settle is the best company for interior design projects in Cape Town?

Cape Town’s design scene is unique and innovative, but we believe that our Scandinavian background gives us a niche ability to provide a modern design that would stand out from the rest.


We are passionate to work with private customers as well as developers of all sizes. Every project inspires us and builds on our experience, allowing us to manage large scale projects while being loyal to our renowned heritage in smart bespoke villas.

Better World

Our mission at Settle is to continuously improve the quality of human experience in life with our responsible projects and approach to make those happen. Settle turns sustainable dreams into reality with a focus on world-class design, attention to detail and professional execution.

Business Ethics

Business ethics stand amidst the core of our values. We want to leave our mark on the work that helps the society and our planet prosper. We work through partnership and collaboration to build the trust for better tomorrow. Join us for the exiting journey for towards The Design of Good Living ™.

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