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Interior design relates to architecture and industrial design, lending design skills and knowledge of the performance of materials to creatively apply solutions to internal spaces.

As interior design consultants, we keep our finger on the pulse of trend, constantly evolving our designs. Being of Scandinavian heritage our design philosophies are aligned with modern interior design, however we are always flexible to your needs and enjoy creative challenges.

Home interior design Dubai

Dubai is widely considered to be at the centre of the world, which makes your options for interior design solutions incredibly vast. Here we are not restricted to specific materials or furniture which really gets our creative juices flowing. With the endless options and our creative expertise, we can help you to realise the home of your dreams.

Our design process has been devised to make choosing the best options for your interior design as simple as possible whilst achieving the maximum potential for your home. We’ll take you on a journey exploring new ways of using spaces, unlocking new features, experiencing new materials and furniture.


Office interior design companies in Dubai

An office space should be particular to your business style. That is why you must have it designed around how you operate, and we can help you with that. We can create spaces that dynamic spaces. We will design your office efficiently to make the most out of the spaces you have and make it feel like a home away from home.

Whether you are moving into a brand-new space or updating the space you currently have, we can achieve a vibrant tailor-made office for your team that will energise everyone.

The leading interior designer company in Dubai

We take pride in our interior design, that is why we consider ourselves to be one of the top interior design companies in Dubai. Our enthusiasm for world class design and creativity is what drives us.


Why Settle is the best company for interior design projects in Dubai?

Dubai constantly pushes the boundaries for design, and we believe that we part of that push. Mediocrity is not our style; we only aim for the best and we want you to be apart of what makes the best design. Let us reach new heights of design together.


Interior design references in Dubai

Aaltovillas Office – Dubai

Al Khawaneej Villa – Dubai

Jumeirah Golf Estate Villa – Dubai

Al Saadiyat Villa – Abu Dhabi

Signature Office – Swiss Tower

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