Our mission at Settle is to continuously improve the quality of human experience in life with our responsible high quality projects.

What we do

Building Dreams

Since 1999, Settle has been building dreams through its distinguished owned and managed projects.
Our companies are focusing on creating modern, sophisticated and eco-friendly solutions to prestiqious and attractive locations internationally.

Who We Are

Welcome to Settle, where creativity and craftsmanship meet to redefine spaces and elevate experiences. We are more than just architects and designers; we are storytellers who breathe life into spaces, fulfilling each project with a unique narrative. Our team of seasoned architects and design experts brings together a blend of innovation, expertise, and a deep understanding of our clients’ aspirations.

Our mission is to leave lasting impressions that mirror our clients’ unique desires, all while improving sustainability and innovation. We also aim to establish fresh benchmarks in architectural and interior design, converting spaces into dynamic and inspirational settings. We are visionary about becoming a globally acclaimed architectural and interior design company, celebrated for our unwavering dedication to artistic excellence and lifestyle experiences. Our vision is to shape not just spaces but experiences while harmonizing luxury and sustainability.


Everything Under One Process

The Settle Journey: Where Vision Meets Precision

We set the stage, craft ambition, visualize perfection, plan meticulously, and construct your dreams, all while
exceeding your expectations at every step. From vision to reality, our design journey entails precision and innovation.

1. Pre-design
2. Concept
3. Detailed Design
4. Build Planning
5. Construction

Meet Our Team At Our Dubai Boutique

Our stylish office in Dubai serves very high end clients and developers with extensive local understanding and international experience. Teams goal and ambition is to become the world leader in “The design of good living”.

Together We Can Change
How Houses Are Built

We always work by highest standards and business ethics.


We are passionate to work with private customers as well as developers of all sizes. Every project inspires us and builds on our experience, allowing us to manage large scale projects while being loyal to our renowned heritage in smart bespoke villas.

Better World

Our mission at Settle is to continuously improve the quality of human experience in life with our responsible projects and approach to make those happen. Settle turns sustainable dreams into reality with a focus on world-class design, attention to detail and professional execution.

Business Ethics

Business ethics stand amidst the core of our values. We want to leave our mark on the work that helps the society and our planet prosper. We work through partnership and collaboration to build the trust for better tomorrow. Join us for the exiting journey for towards The Design of Good Living ™.

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CEO’s Message

“Every morning when you wake up, you should feel inspired. We believe that we are not just creating a property – we are helping define people’s lives. We want to change how houses are built and drive for properties that are designed for good living and great investment.”

Jarmo Rantala

Jarmo Rantala

CEO & Founding Partner
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What Our Clients Say

Settle brought a fresh perspective to our commercial space design. We are really satisfied with the results and definitely recommend them to our family and friends.

– Sarah K


Working with Settle has been a wonderful experience. They have transformed our villa into a stunning and functional living space. 100% recommended.

– Karim


Our experience with Settle has been nothing short of amazing. The transformation of our office space is truly remarkable, and it has made our work environment much more conducive to productivity. Thank You!

– Alex


Settle’s work added great value to our property. Their ability to capture Dubai’s modern lifestyle and translate it into our home is remarkable. We look forward to more collaborations.

– Cassidy


Settle is highly recommended for villa architectural designs. Their project management team ensures a smooth process from start to finish with outstanding interior and architectural design work.

– Sojib

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