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Latest Trends To Know About Interior Design In Dubai

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Dubai, UAE – Interior design is the sheer art and science of crafting ideal, functional, and aesthetically pleasing spaces within a home, office, or any building structure. Dubai’s interior design trends play a crucial role in facilitating a comfortable and functional lifestyle while adopting the country’s cultural identity. However, with the constant shift in interior design trends, it is great to dive into the details to know your options in 2023. 


Top 5 Interior Design Trends In Dubai That Will Stay In 2023

#1. Bold Colors

Long gone are the days when dull colors were an option for your home or office space in Dubai. The trends are shifted to vibrant bold colors that make a certain statement about the place. Ideal interior designers in Dubai will recommend using colors like deep blues, bold pinks, rich greens, and similar others to impact the interiors. Moreover, with exceptional and unexpected usage, the bold colors create a playful atmosphere while breathing life into the place.   

#2. Biophilic Design

Incorporating various biophilic elements such as water, plants, and wood forms a deeper connection between people & the interior space. This trend in Dubai is all about creating a calm and rejuvenating atmosphere ultimately leading to a healthy and satisfactory livelihood. If you dream of bringing outside harmony and relaxation into the interior, biophilic design should be a go-to option. 

#3. Natural Materials

Sustainable and green construction is another rising trend in Dubai’s home or office interiors. It encourages more usage of natural materials such as stones, fibers, wood, etc. to facilitate an eco-friendly livelihood. Not only it enhances a healthy lifestyle but also reduces the carbon footprint assisting with the serious concern of rising global warming. 

The trend of natural materials is becoming increasingly popular in Dubai’s real estate industry. Incorporating these in interior design can enable warmth and texture to the place while creating a connection to the outdoors. 

#4. Maximalism

Minimalism used to be a big factor in Dubai’s real estate industry. However, now interior design companies in the UAE are making the best use of maximalism involving patterns, textures, layering colors, and more. The combination of the right colors and different elements is what lets you explore a bold and eclectic look and feel. It encourages the idea to adopt your style and blend it into the interior design of the space.

#5. Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is another rising trend among Dubai interior designers. It brings various features like temperature control, lightning with voice activation, automated curtains, and more to make life easier. Because of the huge level of convenience and comfort, the majority of the interior fit-out companies in Dubai are looking forward to such technological innovations. The trend of smart homes is to make homes highly functional and efficient with seamless integration into the space design. 


About Settle –

Settle is one of the top interior design companies in Dubai running on the motto – “The Design Of Good Living”. We are a highly experienced team of architects and interior designers building modern, sophisticated, and eco-friendly solutions in Europe and the Middle East areas. Settle transforms sustainable or green architecture dreams into reality with the blend of perfection, top-notch design, detailing, and flawless execution. 

Visit Settle to learn more about our architecture and interior design works. 

Green Buildings In Dubai: Futuristic & Sustainable Constructions


Dubai, UAE – Almost every city and nation including Dubai is working to lower their dependency on fossil fuels or carbon footprint and adopt a more sustainable way of lifestyle. Like any other sector, real estate or construction in Dubai are at the forefront of massive research, development, and investment in green buildings leading the emirate to a sustainable future. The rising need and popularity of green architecture are what make them a preference of the best architectural consultants in Dubai.


What Are Green Buildings Or Sustainable Architectures?

Green Building is a facility with sustainable designs that eliminate or decrease negative climate effects on people as well as their surroundings. Green buildings are efficient in terms of saving water, energy, power, and other valuable natural resources while improving the quality of livelihood. These sustainable architectures in Dubai involve the perfect blend of natural elements in design, construction, and operations along with a top priority for the environment. 

Dubai is home to rising green buildings and futuristic sustainable architectures. Along with the health and eco-friendly benefits, the sheer work of seating, maintenance, features, facilities, etc. in green buildings are what makes them a modern-day necessity. Green homes involve environmental-friendly materials that rely on renewable sources to power up the structures. Other notable benefits of these constructions in Dubai are the reduction in carbon footprint and consumption of less energy that ultimately serves in our fight against rising global warming.  


Parameters Defining Green Buildings Constructions In Dubai

#1. Usage Of Smarter Materials

The growing usage of materials like rocks, bamboo, concrete, timber, etc. is what promotes a lower carbon footprint. Not only do these prove to be low maintenance and durable, but can also provide modern-day quality interiors. The best architects in Dubai are making a shift from traditional ways to sustainable approaches that lower energy costs and provide insulation. 

#2. Sustainability In Core Designs

Key aspects like climate management, energy conservation, interior cooling, and insulation are vital to construction in Dubai. It is why the architecture companies in Dubai should be involved in the strategic implementation of sustainability measures at the design stage. Incorporating green architecture helps reduce the consumption of energy, water, and other natural resources. 

#3. Retrofitting Old Structures 

Retrofitting older structures is another approach to achieving sustainability in Dubai. It is also providing direct results for architectural experts in Dubai with low energy and maintenance investments. The introduction of solar panels and managing thermal bridging are two of many elements comprising eco-friendly structures. 

#4. Incorporating Greener Interior Fixtures

With more emphasis on green fixtures and fittings, the best architects in Dubai play their role in achieving sustainable real estate. These involve LED lights, smart energy management systems, e-coatings, and more to lower HVAC costs. Also serving as a greater means for energy conservation, the green interior fittings play a vital role in reducing the dependency on natural resources.  


About Settle –

Settle is a renowned and reputable architectural firm in Dubai delivering custom properties with a human touch. With the clear mission to enhance the lifestyle experience with modern and green solutions, Settle is transforming the landscape of property development in Europe and the Middle East regions. We have been at the forefront of delivering top-notch and innovative residential projects within the most reasonable budget. 

Visit Settle to learn more about our green construction and architectural design projects. 

Top 10 Villa Renovation Ideas In 2023

Top 10 Villa Renovation Ideas In 2023

One of the greatest benefits of having your home or villa is the freedom to design it the way you want. However, it is essential to focus on the interiors and other design elements to maintain the maximum impact on the property values. Whether it’s a home, office, or villa space, outdated finishing, and fixtures are likely to create unpleasant experiences while lowering the resale appeal. These are the major reasons why home and villa renovation companies in Dubai follow the current and future trends while renovating any villa space. 

Here, we are sharing the top 10 villa renovation trends that are leading the current real estate of Dubai and are likely to stay in the long future. 

#1. Separate Kitchen, Dining, and Living Areas

Open-concept floor plans are not new in the home designing industry and have been dominating it for many years. However, walls are reportedly causing the break in the living spaces and quieter spaces. It is great to segregate the kitchen, dining, and living areas to reduce noise and create distinct spaces within the villa or home. Another great way is to add bookshelves, room dividers, rugs, etc. to achieve the perfect open floor plan. 


#2. Natural Design Decor Inspiration

The trend of “biophilia” basically involves bringing the outer elements inside to facilitate the natural touch and feel throughout the home. Consider adding wooden cabinets and stone-studded counterparts in the kitchen area to embrace the biophilic appearance. The best villa renovation companies in Dubai also recommend incorporating other trendy elements like natural paints to bring naturally inspired decor inspiration. 


#3. More Vibrant Color Options

Long gone are the days when white and greys were the first choice for villas or homes. 2023 is the year of more vibrant colors with the involvement of jewel tones, red/pink shades, earthy naturals, and more. Whether you’re planning to sell villa spaces or buildings for your usage, avoid extremely bold or dull colors, instead go with the pops of color with paint, throw pillows, art, and accessories. 


#4. Curved Furniture and Architecture 

In 2023, curves and arches are going to provide the perfect feel of classical as well as modern space design. It would be great to incorporate this perfect trend while styling the new build and remodeling plans. Usually, curvy kitchen islands, alcoves, and globe lights are decent options, but you shouldn’t ignore the arched windows or doorways. Embracing this look and feel for villa space is easier with sofas, chairs, tables, and other furniture with round edges. 


#5. Add Focal Point With Lightning

Adding light fixtures in the home or villa spaces can enhance the usability and mood of the spaces. As per the rising trend in 2023, we can witness a layered lighting approach combining various chandeliers, pendants, and other lights and lamps. You can also try adding table lamps or floor lights to remodel the home for maximum impact. Some home renovation companies in Dubai also recommend using low-hanging pendant lights or spotlights to enhance the lightning focus. The usage of recyclable materials like glass, marble, and granite is also helpful in getting a true visual treat. 


#6. Use Smart Devices

The advent and rise of smart home or villa technologies is no wonder to anyone. In 2023, the trend of using smart devices is going to help run villas seamlessly as simple as a touch of a button or a simple voice command. The ease and comfort of smart devices are what make them a must-have in every new villa or home space. From robot vacuums to automated lights and smart appliances, there is a huge demand for smart products to cater to various household needs. There are various ways to blend smart technology while maintaining a chic and subtle villa appearance. 


#7. Roof Insulations

Roof insulations are an ideal way to control additional heating and cooling expenses in the villa spaces. With the addition of insulation in attics and ceilings, roof insulation can be the ideal barrier between hot and cold air, ensuring proper cooling during the summer season as well. Avoiding roof insulations can lead to toxic mold growth and water damage because of moisture. Having proper insulation in the home facilitates a healthier livelihood with reduced noise pollution and improved air quality. Moreover, the roof insulations can avoid the entry of harmful pollutants, making it one of the must-haves while renovating a new villa. 


#8. High-Quality Window Spaces

Having superior quality windows is durable and easy to maintain, making them a must-have in every villa or home. Apart from the beautification, the right windows are ideal to provide light, warmth, and other benefits. The well-designed airtight windows maintain the right interior temperature, regulated energy bills, etc. Further, the high-quality window spaces avoid UV (ultraviolet rays) that protect flooring, furniture, and other items.  


#9. Personalized Built-Ins

Personalized built-ins are highly unique and personal to every home or villa space. Whether you prefer using shelves, benches, or recreational units, these are some of the cool aspects of providing innovative storage and display spaces. Since these are both functional and decorative, the majority of the renovation companies in Dubai prefer adding personality to the inhabiting rooms. Opt for creative and beautiful built-ins to blend with the style of the home or villa spaces. 


#10. Sun Tunnels For More Lightning 

If parts of your new home or villa lack natural light, it is advisable to incorporate sun tunnels in your space. Such tubular-shaped skylights usually run from the roof windows to the living area and various places in the villa, providing much-needed natural light. Available in both fixed or flexible arrangements, the easy-to-install sun tunnels are a kind of mainstay in eco-friendly villa spaces. These involve polished sheet metal that allows seamless light reflection to preserve the right amount of intensity and warmth. 


Final Comments 

The trends in villa design or home renovation are ever-changing. While a trend may be popular at the moment, it might get a replacement shortly. Additionally, most of the choices are dependent on the location, space size, features, facilities, and more. It is a definitive smart move to consider your budget and options before embarking on a villa renovation. 

At Settle Create, we are experienced interior designers, architects, and renovation experts to assess your needs and suggest suitable options. Visit our website to know more or contact us to get started.

10 Tips for Choosing the Best Architects in Dubai

Dubai Villa Roof Construction

Choosing one of the best architecture companies in Dubai can be a critical step towards fulfilling your dream building project. However, with so many architects in Dubai to select from, it can be overwhelming to determine the right fit for your project. 

In this blog, we are going to narrow down the 10 best tips for choosing the best architects in Dubai. 


#1. They Should Be Technically-Oriented

Every architect in Dubai is as good as his technical skills and knowledge. With a sound understanding of electronics, mechanics, structural design, and more, they should be able to come up with functional details of design. Every project is unique and the architect should be able to overcome various challenges from scratch till the end. 

Check if the architect is well-versed in modern-day modeling and rendering software. A professional architect will be keen to learn the technical details associated with the software and design. The challenges are likely to stay in every stage of the construction, but the right person can lead to the best possible solution.  


#2. They Should Be Creative & Artistic

Functional buildings or architectural designs are unavoidable needs, and so is creative design. Your trusted architect should be able to ensure the perfect artistic impression on the entire project. 

Creativity and professionalism are the factors that differentiate an outdated design from a contemporary style. Architects should have a visualization of the entire project even before drawing the first line. With the perfect combination of technicality, art, function, and style, it becomes much easier to keep the entire project intact as per the requirement. 


#3. Should Deliver Promises

Every construction or building project has its own deadline, regardless of the complexity and pressure. It’s up to the architect to ensure timely project deliverables. Along with time, he should also take care of the client’s expectations in terms of design, structure, functionality, etc. The bottom line is that the architect must ensure that the final result is mapped with the original anticipation. Delivering promises is one of the rare yet most important traits in any architect. 


#4. Assess Their Communication Skills

Providing functional solutions for a building or home is one thing, but effective communication is a priority for any project. A reliable and successful architect will possess excellent communication skills along with the ability to help you understand every concern. 

If you’re looking forward to digging deep into every smallest detail, the architects in Dubai should be able to communicate the entire process and minute details with clients, workers, and team members. Dealing with experienced architects with high-end communication skills is going to maintain complete transparency and satisfaction throughout the project. 


#5. Adept At Solving Problems

Likewise communication skills, another essential trait of successful architectural consultants in Dubai should be their attitude and ability to solve challenges. Regardless of whether it is a simple or complex design hurdle, having problem-solving skills is what makes an architect stand out among others. Most of the construction or renovation work is bound to run into a few problems, but an architect with the necessary skills and attitude is going to handle the situation while preventing further escalation and complications. 


#6. Openness To Learning New Things

Adaptability is an unavoidable trait in any successful architect consultant in Dubai. Regardless of how skilled and experienced an architect might be, there are always situations leading them out of their comfort zone. Thus, always go with the architects who are eager to learn new things and approaches all the time. 

Every construction design comes with its challenges, requiring time and patience to come up with the most functional design possible. Always choose architects who are learning something new every day & open to trying out new approaches if the project demands so. 


#7. Patience Is A Virtue 

Working on a construction building from scratch requires plenty of time and patience. Whether it is about creating every little piece of design or solving complex design challenges, patience is something unique and a must-have in every architect. No matter the preparedness, architects are likely to face certain difficulties throughout every stage of building a project. Things are going to get easier with time once the architects hone their knowledge and skills. 


#8. Possess Challenging Attitude

The best architects in Dubai are always looking forward to ways leading to skill and knowledge expansion. They take the challenges seriously while pushing every limit with designing or construction projects. It is one of the top reasons why you should only choose reliable and trustworthy architects in Dubai. Every professional possesses a mix of skills required to find solutions for several bottlenecks. 


#9. Possess Excellent Sketching Skills

Checking architects’ sketching and visualization skills can provide a good idea about their credibility and professionalism. Along with listening skills, expert architects are also going to have impressive sketching abilities to deliver quality work and results. They should be able to provide the sketch design as per the project requirements even before starting construction work. Overall, the architect must be familiar with the processes and methods to bring the client’s ideas to reality. 


#10. Architect Should Be A Team player

It is wrong to think that an architect works alone on a project, instead, it is more about teamwork, bonding, and connection. Since designing and constructing a building requires a specific amount of experience and a huge skill set, the majority of them tend to work in a team. The cluster of complementary skill sets among the team members is what leads to a better design and a successful project. As mentioned earlier, communication abilities play a vital role in determining and choosing an architect. Everyone in the team should be collaborative enough to work together and deliver extraordinary results. 


Final Comments 

Settle is one of the best architecture firms in the UAE with extensive experience in commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. Our highly qualified and professional architects can take care of your construction or design projects as our own. Our motto is “The Design Of Good Living” which signifies enhancing lifestyle with modern and green architecture. 

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